This is what I do now: NOW link

Bio here: BIO link

Project Management:

  1. £1.3 million facility, 00:58'' duration video here: NITES video link

  2. Strategic Intent for Jaguar Land Rover displays and infotainment. My team has contributed to infotainment systems, 2':00 duration video here: JLR In-control touch pro video link

  3. I have significant experience on project start-up, development and successful delivery of innovation projects. On several occasions, I have demonstrated my ability to progress loose concepts into tangible outcomes.  Currently, I manage a considerable number of “blue sky” research and development projects for Jaguar Land Rover (public domain information here: Mirrorless Car paper link and here: In-Car Olfactory Interface video link 3':44'' duration)  

Team Management

  1. Currently, I am leading a team of four Human Factors Engineers (three with PhD education). The team is growing and I am recruiting six more engineers.

  2. I also manage remote teams at Portland, Oregon (Open Source Technology Centre)

  3. I am the industrial supervisor of three PhD students (Warwick, Loughborough and Newcastle) 

  4. I have achieved effective coordination of several and diverse teams (JLR directors, academics, suppliers, contractors, etc.)

  5. My interview and hiring methods are based on 'Who: The A method for hiring'. My notes here: Who notes link


I stand for:

  1. Evidence based product development

  2. Human Centred Design

  3. Continuous professional development


Core Behaviours

In order to achieve my goals:

  1. I value project delivery and outcomes, not input or intentions

  2. I am transparent with my colleagues and communicate my plans

  3. I understand people are busy, I don’t organise meetings without a clear agenda and purpose

  4. I respect work - life balance. I aim for intellectually elegant solutions instead of working long hours

  5. Everybody works, I don’t belong to a team of delegators. No one can be above work


Things I like

  1. Clear ownership / leadership of projects

  2. Manage teams - help people to grow

  3. Happy when learning, creating, sharing

  4. Curating information and put it into context

  5. Early mornings, I wake up at 04:00