Audi e-tron with virtual exterior mirrors

Audi e-tron with virtual exterior mirrors


Audi e-tron prototype with optional virtual exterior mirrors (7" OLED displays).  

bold move, risk and reward. 

I have already expressed my positive surprise for the VW group approach (e.g. Touareg 15" display, Porsche Cross Turismo vision interaction & passenger display, A8 infotainment).

However, everything needs to pass the reality check so we will come back with data (after the long queue of journalists, we might get a chance to record eye-movements on the interface and get a better idea on performance, visual and cognitive demand. Perhaps OEMs need to start considering UX evaluation too in addition to press - different story!)

info on digital mirrors from the press release


- these mirrors will be making their world premiere in the volume-production version of the Audi e-tron prototype, taking in-car digitization to a whole new level.

-...integrates a small camera whose image is digitally processed and shown on high-contrast 7-inch OLED displays in the interior

- the image detail can be moved, providing the required field of vision, while the user can also zoom in and out of the image. 

-the driver can choose from three views in the MMI system for different situations – for highway driving, for turning and for parking.

my comments / some study items:

-OLED: I am surprised to see OLED displays to be used for digital mirrors. The only other location that OLED has been used, by Audi, is the rear infotainment remote. I guess Audi must be absolutely certain on the robustness of OLED to use it on a safety critical item, such as mirrors. I am not convinced this is the best place to introduce the technology, but I have to trust Audi. 

-7", the display diagonal might be 7" but based on the photo the shape looks free form and fairly small for a mirror. My concern is whether this display has enough area to cover the necessary field of view while maintaining good magnification.

-we need to understand how the image detail can be "moved or "zoomed in/out". If there is a "clever" way to achieve this automatically then great. If the user is completely free to adjust while driving I am little bit worried, this is new technology that has issues with visual accommodation. OEMs must protect drivers, I trust Audi has already considered that.

-how cool and efficient would be to combine digital/virtual mirrors with vision interaction. come on Porsche, e-mission Cross Turismo is my best bet...

3 minute video cut describing the basics of virtual mirrors and first, no so positive, impressions. (source video by Autogefühl, full review video here:

full press release here:

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