I am spending my time on these things:

- trying to do great work, create scienart, by combining scientific knowledge and the creative design process.

- working at Jaguar Land Rover; creating the future technology roadmap for HMI and displays, designing in-car display systems that enhance driver and passenger user experience, and developing advanced technologies with industrial partners. Career info here: link to bio.

- reading everything I can find on these topics: human factors, user experience, innovation, and personal development. You can find some of my notes and extracts here: link to book notes.

- finding my work / life balance and making sure I have time with my 3 kids, not always successful on this task; I am glad I got married to a Spartan woman. Some info on how truly unique Spartan women were in ancient times here: link to Spartan women.   

- wishing to eat like this: link to Paleo, and train like this: link to HIT. Definitely, not successful on these tasks, but I keep trying.

Last update was April, 2017.

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